First & foremost, WOVN Brands mission is to raise money to help empower and support survivors of sexual violence.  At least 10% of our profits go to organizations that help provide resources, support, helplines and so much more to survivors of sexual violence.

I created WOVN Brands as an outlet for all of my artistic emotion - fashion being the strongest passion of mine.  However, I knew that it wouldn't end there and I would want to add in home decor, housewares, art and many other beautiful things hence the word "Brands" in our name.  

Although sustainability was not at the forefront of my brain when launching this brand, we have evolved (as we should) into a brand that understands and values slow, sustainable fashion.  This is why we have our upcycled line, reuse home decor as art canvasses, and package our orders in noissue 100% compostable bags or recycled boxes.  

This cool tote bag from


These cool socks from www.erinmade.com

Our upcycled line REWOVN is something that is in it's infancy stage and still learning how to walk.  Each piece is specially curated from small sellers, estate sales, thrift shops, and maybe even a few donations from friends and family.  While some resellers focus on brand name thrift or vintage finds, I choose to focus on fabrics that just make me happy - both ways of thrifting/vintage hunting are wonderful, just please understand that REWOVN pieces are not usually made from brand name pieces which is part of the uniqueness.  All items are pre-washed and sanitized prior to being upcycled.  I personally cut, sew, pack and ship each piece from my home studio, with the help of my wonderful husband Nicholas.  

Want to do some upcycling on your own? 

Send me a message if you need any guidance on flipping an old piece of clothing into somethign new for you!

You don't have to buy something to donate to survivors of sexual violence :) here are a few links below:




Truly I just want everyone to be comfortable, know that you look great (regardless of what you wear), and be happy.  Enjoy!

-xoxo Zoë

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