fall into  your favorite shirt

 The Signature Shirt is the easiest, most versatile top that's about to be in your closet.  With an oversized pocket and ultra slouchy vibes, there are a million different ways to wear and style each one.  All the Signature Shirts are the same great fit but made in unique beautiful fabrics, giving each it's own personality.  


Extra! Extra!

Shop The Newspaper Print Signature Shirt

Exploring the concepts and challenges of reusing old textiles to create reborn pieces.

Handmade out of our Columbus, Ohio studio.


Whether it's a small modification to a gown or a total rehaul of vintage napkins, REWOVN is designed to minimize the volume of discarded textiles, as well as reduce air, water, and greenhouse gas emissions.  



Now introducing our one of a kind studio set pieces.  From vintage glasswares to original artwork, you can find beautiful pieces for the home in our new Shop The Studio.  Enjoy!


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WOVN is fashion that fits for your wardrobe, your lifestyle, and a community that needs you.   Bringing you #OOTD looks while also helping support an overwhelmingly large community of survivors.

I created WOVN and our Signature Shirt with my love for fashion and goal of raising money to help empower and support survivors of sexual violence.  That's why I dedicate 10% of our profits to organizations that help provide resources, support, helplines, and so much more to survivors of sexual violence.

Truly I just want everyone to be comfortable, know that you look great (regardless of what you wear), and be happy.  Enjoy!

-xoxo Zoë

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