Balance Yourself Tee

Balance Yourself Tee


The Balance Yourself Tee

An upcycled graphic tee in Blue, Purple, and Tangerine asking the question "Who could you be if you let yourself be free?".  It is perfectly soft, slightly distressed, and ultra cozy.  100% cotton, 100% comfortable.


Available in the following sizes:

36" chest (small)

38" chest (medium)

42" chest (large)

48" chest (extra large)


-funky fresh positive message

-distressed, worn in feel

-pre-loved, pre-washed, pre-shrunk

-each upcycled shirt saves 650 gallons of water that it takes to make a brand new shirt!  


Each tee is different - which means that fit, colors, and distressing may vary slightly.  

  • Size Guide

    In an effort to change the way we look at sizing in the fashion industry, t-shirt sizes are distinguished by how wide they are from pit to pit when layed flat.  

    While I wish we could eradicate standard industry sizing overnight, I know that it will be difficult to change our mindset.  During the process, please use the following as a very loose guide.

    Standard Small - 18" from pit to pit (up to a 36" bust)

    Standard Medium- 20" from pit to pit (up to a 40" bust)

    Standard Large- 22" from pit to pit (up to a 44" bust)

    Standard XL- 24" from pit to pit (up to a 48" bust)

    Standard 2x- 26" from pit to pit (up to a 52" bust)

    As we continue our upcycling journey, we will continue to extend our sizes to be inclusive of all size babes.