Free Your Mind Tee

Free Your Mind Tee


The Free Your Mind Tee is finally here!  This graphic tee is upcycled from pre-loved tees in a range of bright colors.  


Currently available in the following sizes (approx measurements):

36" chest - size small

38" chest - size medium

42" chest - size large


-funky fresh positive message

-pre-loved, pre-washed, pre-shrunk

-each upcycled shirt saves 650 gallons of water that it takes to make a brand new shirt!  however, you might have to love some minor blemishes and marks from it's previous life


Each tee is different - which means that fit and colors may vary slightly.  


Small and Medium Lime Shirts - 60% cotton 40% poly

Large Lime Shirt *slightly darker in color - 50% cotton 50% poly

Bubblegum Shirt - 50% cotton, 50% poly

  • Size Guide

    In an effort to change the way we look at sizing in the fashion industry, t-shirt sizes are distinguished by how wide they are from pit to pit when layed flat.  

    While I wish we could eradicate standard industry sizing overnight, I know that it will be difficult to change our mindset.  During the process, please use the following as a very loose guide.

    Standard Small - 18" from pit to pit (up to a 36" bust)

    Standard Medium- 20" from pit to pit (up to a 40" bust)

    Standard Large- 22" from pit to pit (up to a 44" bust)

    Standard XL- 24" from pit to pit (up to a 48" bust)

    Standard 2x- 26" from pit to pit (up to a 52" bust)

    Standard 3x- 28" from pit to pit (up to a 56" bust)

    As we continue our upcycling journey, we will continue to extend our sizes to be inclusive of all size babes.