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Hey friends!

Let's talk about what could be the future of fashion - the art and practice of upcycling used, donated, and thrifted clothing.  If you're using #savetheplanet but not upcycling, I hope you will dive into the unsettling truth of fast-fashion and how it is contributing to the death of our beautiful planet.  My experiences overseas in manufacturing countries has given me a different perspective on the toxicity of fashion - but it doesn't have to be this way.  It is the American consumer & more importantly the American retailer that has to start putting a conscious foot forward.  

A look at some facts:

In many manufacturing countries, textiles are dyed with toxic chemicals that are not disposed of properly.


The fashion industry (mostly the fast-fashion industry) is responsible for 10% of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions.​

According to the EPA,11.3 million tons of textile waste was put into landfills in 2018.

It is common practice among big retailers to require factories to burn, destroy, and discard hundreds and thousands of pieces of clothing due to cancelled orders, overruns, or misprinted fabric.

Let's start upcycling!

Upcycling reduces the need to produce new clothing.  In turn, it helps lower greenhouse gas emissions, delay textiles from hitting the landfill and in the long run, reduces the amount of damage the fashion industry does to our environment.


I will always encourage you to upcycle your own pieces from your closet, but I would be honored if you purchased an upcycled piece from our REWOVN collection.  I personally curate and create each piece, handmade out of my home studio in Columbus, Ohio.  You can also find some bits and pieces that I've pulled off of upcycled pieces for sale here, too.  Happy sustainable, slow fashion shopping!

-xoxo Zoë


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