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The Signature Shirt began the WOVN Brands journey with one great silhouette and a love for beautiful fabrics.  Each Signature Shirt has a drop shoulder, and extra room to give you a polished but relaxed look.

Signature Size Chart:

                Small      Medium       Large      Extra Large

Bust  -         35"              37"           40"                43"

Waist -       28.5"         30.5"          33.5"             37"

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Our Signature Shirts are made in low-quantity batches in a small factory in India.  The price of the Signature Shirts also reflects the fair wages our factory pays to the employees.  While sustainability was not at the core of the business when WOVN Brands first began, it is now.  Some of our original Signature Shirts may contain fibers from textiles we no longer use (polyester, rayon, etc.)  We still believe in supporting our friends overseas through giving them small-batch business, but now we are dedicated to making more eco-conscious decisions when it comes to fabric, production, and shipping.

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