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I know that we are all conditioned to believe that we are a "large" or a "size 18" but the truth is, our bodies just cannot be defined by these arbitrary numbers and standards.  Not only does standard sizing fluctuate drastically from each manufacturer, it can also perpetuate feelings of poor self-worth when you can't find your size while shopping (or worse, when you throw on your size 16 jeans because that size "always fits" and you can barely get them past your thighs).  You can read more about it in our blog post "The Standard Sizing Scam".

It's not us, it's the industry...and I'm here to break-up with the idea of standard sizing.  Each garment that is for sale on the WOVN website will include key measurements that can help you identify if that garment will fit you (by the end of March 2021).  Knowing the size of a garment and knowing the size of your body will also help you understand how the garment will fit on you.  

Don't know your beautiful body's measurements?  Use our quick guide, or take a quick google for tons of info on how to measure yourself.  If you need a measuring tape, add one to your cart, and make sure to enter code SIZEME at checkout for a free* measuring tape with your order!


I am so open to hearing your feedback on how we can better change the way we present clothing sizes in the fashion industry!  If you have any comments/suggestions/feedback please feel free to email me at

xoxo Zoë

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